How To Install A Bathroom Vanity

I’m gonna be showing you how to install a vanity into our newly finished bathroom.

The one we’ve selected today has a couple of drawers and one door on the side, but it is important to remember when selecting for yourself, you get something that meets your needs.

The tools that we are gonna require are a measuring tape, wall plugs, your hammer drill, your hole saw, couple of screws, screwdriver, your knife, pencil, cordless drill, skill level, and of course, your protective equipment.

So the first step we’re gonna do is measure up where our vanity’s actually gonna fit, and where we have to make the cuts for our pipes.

Now we’ll work with a 900 vanity today, so we have 1200 here, so that would be plenty of room for a 900 to fit.

So the first mark we need to make would be at the half-way mark,which is gonna be 600.

Now because we know our vanity is 900, it’s gonna be 450 each side from that mark, so let’s measure that up and see how we can find out where it’s gonna fit.

Place your tape measure on the line, find the point of 450, on this side and on this side like so.

The next step is we wanna find out where we’re gonna do our cuts for our holes for our plumbing work to fit through.

Measure from one side to the middle of our pipe just here.

how-to-install-a-bathroom-vanity-backsplash how-to-install-a-bathroom-vanity how-to-install-bathroom-vanity how-to-install-a-bathroom-vanity-top how-to-install-a-bathroom-vanity-sink

And we’ll also do exactly the same for the second pipes on this side here.

So, the next set of measurements we’ll need to do is coming out from the wall to find out how far across and how far from the wall we’re actually gonna fit our pipes straight down.

So again just looking from the middle of the pipe, and the same on the other side as well.

So now that I’ve got my measurements, I’ve written them down on apiece of paper, so that when I go to work on my vanity, I know exactly where I have to cut.

As you can see this is the back of the vanity here.

They usually come with your backing panels.

Today I’ve taken them off to make it a bit easier to get access to where we have to do our cuts and measurements.

Going from the very, very edge, from our measurements that we took inside, our first measurement is going to be 390.

And then from the wall, our measurements were 60, so we’re gonna find60.

And we find the two points where they meet and put a nice big mark to see where we have to cut.

Then we do the same for the other pipes.

And there we have our two markings for our hole saws to go through.

Very important part of this is to make sure that you get your hole saw bigger than the pipes that we have, so that when we slide our vanity over the top, it fits nice and easy.

So before we start to drill, just make sure you’ve got the center of your drill bit aiming right at the middle of where you put your X, and you’ll get a perfect cut every time.

So now we’ve got our holes drilled and ready to go for our pipes to go in, so now what we need to do is take our vanity back into our bathroom and slide it over our pipes.

And we’ve put our backing panels back in,so it looks brand new, and the next step we’re gonna do is insert some screws into the sides here, so we can secure it to the wall and it’s not gonna move.

So before we fasten this to the wall, I’m just gonna make sure it’s nice and level.

And everything looks fantastic.

So let’s get started.

And what we’re gonna do is just make two incisions into the wall in the back of our vanity so we can secure it nice and safe.

So now that we’ve drilled our holes we can put our wall plugs in, and our screws, to secure it tothe wall.

So with our wall plugs, very, very simple, we cut a little bit off our roll,and what we do, is push it straight into the hole.

So now what I’ve done is I’ve put my wall plug in as far as I can go, and now there’s a little bit of extra hanging off.

I’m just gonna cut if off with my knife, like so.

So once we’ve done that we’re right to drill our screws straight into the vanity now.

So now that we’ve screwed that in, just give it a little check, and give it a little bit of a pull.

Make sure it doesn’t move and what we’ve done here looks perfect.

So now we’re just gonna do one last check, to make sure everything’s nice and level.


So now that we’ve screwed our vanity to the wall,we’re now nearly at the end point.

We can now put in our drawers and our tops, and the rest is up for our plumber to do.

And there we have it.

That’s how you install a vanity in your bathroom.

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