Low Budget Home Decorating Can Really Give Your Home a Lift

When it comes to interior or exterior decorating, most people believe it is a costly affair. What they do not know is there are plenty of budget friendly home décor ideas they can implement. Information on some of these affordable and great ideas is as follows:

Reuse items you have

You do not have to purchase new pieces, of furniture or otherwise, in order to convert your boring domicile into a hip space. Instead, take a look at what you already own and think of the best way to reimagine, repurpose or camouflage. For instance, you can reinvent a drab dresser in a guest bedroom by giving it a fresh coat of new and different paint. Use a slipcover in a fabulous fabric to make over the old couch in your living room. Stencil simple designs on pillows to turn them into eye-catching accents.

Add accessories

Almost any item can work as an accessory and this includes objects you find in stores and household items that are very cheap. Great bookends can be made using architectural corbels you may come across in a salvage yard. Driftwood and sea shells collected at the shore can make a lovely natural grouping. A bowl filled with fruits such as crisp green apples can give a bright spot of color to any room or surface. A stack of vintage hardbacks will add character, dimension and height to an occasional table.

Make your own linens

You can easily and quickly transform any patterned flat sheets into slipcovers, tablecloths, duvet covers, pillow cases and curtain panels if you have a sewing machine. You would pay a small fraction of what you would pay for fabric yardage. Take note that this can only work if you have sewing experience and a sew machine, or you are great friends with a seamstress.

Mix without matching

It is boring to have a ‘matchy-macthy’ look while buying entire furniture suites will tend to cost more than putting together an eclectic, creative look. Mix it up for chairs and couch upholstered in complimentary fabrics. You can flank a bed with nightstands that don’t match and decorating with other items unified by tone, material, form and color. You can also try pairing brightly colored plastic chairs or stately wood tables with shiny aluminum chairs. Never be afraid to mix low-end and high-end or traditional and modern.

Saving with stock items

Custom upholstering, sewing, framing and other skilled labor can substantially increase the cost of decorating. Instead of this, you should opt to go for stock items whenever you can. You can purchase off-the-shelf mats and frames, and trim non-valuable art prints to fit them. Go for standard blinds which are slightly larger than your windows and mount them outside the frames. Stocking cabinets can be snapped up and finished with moldings for a custom look. Lastly, you can order a sofa in a neutral and ready-to-ship fabric, then use the money saved to splurge on colorful throw pillows.

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