Light Duty Roll Up Sheet Door Installation

Clopay Building Products presents themodel 150C light-duty rollup door installation video.

Clopay is thepreferred manufacturer and supplier of upward acting and door systems throughoutNorth America.

Clopay offers architects developers buildingprofessionals and specifiers the most extensive commercial overheadin rolling steel product offering in our industry we also offer a complete line ofoperators, accessories, and special products to complement a wide array ofcommercial design and building applications installing and maintaining the model 150C door is an easy process.

By following theseinstructions in this video as well as the installation guide thatcame with your door you’ll have a low-maintenancetop-of-the-line door installed in no time.

In fact our doors can be installed in as littleas three minutes Throughout the video you’ll seewarnings and cautions pay attention to them they’ve beenincluded for your safety and the safety of others.

Beforeinstalling a door there are some preliminary steps to take to ensure asmooth installation first evolved do not cut the tape andplastic wrap that holds the door curtain in a role until instructed to do so Next, check the wall opening with and heightand verify these measurements against the size at the door to be installed verify that your jams are flush and plump and insure their is adequate sideclearance for both the opening and at the sides of the header.

If theheaders already present make sure that its level.

Checkthat the floor is level and clean this provides a neatworking area and prevents damage to the curtain orpotential fall hazards to be efficient place the door curtainas far out from the opening as the opening istall.

So, if the opening is seven feet tall the door should be placed approximatelyseven feet away from the opening with the bottom bar against the floorfacing towards the opening as you lay the guides in place theyshould line right up with the jams and the curtain.

There are two typesof brackets the first type is the snap-on brackets align the top into the guide with the bracket as shown here insert the bracket ads into the guidesluts striking the bracket with a hammer willensure full engagement of the tabs into the guide check the tags here to be sure thebracket is locked into place this will need to be done for both theleft and right sides the second type of bracket is the bolt onassembling attach the door to the bracketguides used two each quarter twenty by 5/8 inchcarriage bolts and quarter 20 serrated flange hex nuts perbracket refer to figures 12 and 13 in yourprinted instruction guide for further assembly illustration properly lifting this door into place will require two people as the guides are not designed tosupport the curtain way during a one-man installation attemptingto install a large door with only one installer can result in serious injury and/ordamage to the door as you carefully begin to lift the door allow the guides to come to a restfirmly at the bottom of the chance this makes for a nice pivot point bywhich to complete the lifting process you’ll first need to align the leftguide flush to the left changed this isimportant so that the latches properly located adjacent to the jam secure the guide and the bracket to thesurface with the appropriate fastener a lag screw for wood jams tech screwsfor steel jams or masonry anchors for masonry orconcrete change please note: welding the guides to the jam is now ligament also confessed years arerequired per bracket to ensure that the door is properly andsafely attached to the gym now that the left guide is in place youneed to calculate where to secure the right guy to do this measure your curtain signsthe outside edge up the right guy needs to be one inch wider than yourdoor kar therefore if your door curtain measureseight feet 3 inches in the outside guide measurement shouldbe eight feet 4 inches from the outside edge up the left guideremember outside age to outside age I’ll secure the right guide and bracket inthe same manner as the left checking the outside guide measurement asecond time before securing the guide at the bar to initialize the spring tension rotate the door to revolutions in thedirection that would send the bottom part down through the guy be careful to maintain a firm grip onthe door during this process again while firmly holding the door atthe bottom bar cut the tape and the plastic rack thatholds the door in a ploy special attention to not scratch thepaint surface at the door or to slice the bottom bar bold astral direct the bottom bar into the guides and bring the door into a lowered orclosed position while carefully holding the door in adown position place the door stop through the slotslocated at the top of the guide secure the door stop in place using aquarter inch x thread cutting screw provide repeat this process to securethe door stop on the other side next install stop lipset each and on the inside at the bottom barusing the provided carriage bolt and up install handles on the outside at thebottom bar using the quarter inch by 1/2 inch carriage bolts provided in secure the rope through the two holeslocated at the center of the horizontal leg up the bottom bar angle using a double not as demonstrated I’ll for safety purposes we recommend thatyou tie an additional not in the center of the rope loop I’ll now checked the door operationraise and lower the door to test its balance if the doors easy to close but hard toopen it’s considered heavy and you’ll need toadd additional spring tension if the door is hard to close but easy toopen it’s considered ha and you need toremove the excess Spring Township for heavy door that needs additionaltension place the curtain in a fully open position carefully insert the winding bar or a1/2 inch diameter rod into the ratchet tension device located on the leftbracket slowly rotate the tension device in aclockwise direction until the door begins to open and theratchet clicks and locks into the next position I’ll for a door that’s hot place the curtainin a fully open position insert the winding bar into thetensioner and apply a slight amount of pressure so that you can carefully lift theratchet pawl then while rotating the tension device in acounter-clockwise direction carefully release the ball to allow itto lock into the next available group be very cautious have your hands keephands away from the pager the curtain in theevent that you lose your grip the recall oil can be dangerous now recheck the balance at the door repeatthe steps as needed to achieve the desired operation finally with the door in the down positiongently step on the round lift handle and push the slide latch into the guideslogging you have now successfully completed aquality installation other Clopay model 150 seat or by following the steps properly you’llhave the best operating door in the industry well should you encounter any problems orhave questions feel free to contact a representative of okay at 800 225 6729 also these instructions and other usefulinformation can be found on our website at WWW dot Clopay commercial dot com thank you for selecting ClopayBuilding Products as your door provider.

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