Overhead Garage Door Ideas

The most common means of entry into a homegarage is an overhead garage door.

Everyone’s familiar with these doors, asthey can be seen opening and closing by remote all day long on any suburban residential street.

Some older homes did not have garage doorinstalled at the time they were built, however, or you may be looking for a door for yournew construction, or for an upgrade.

The two common types of garage doors are segmentedand whole.

The segmented doors roll up and have severallong, horizontal joints, so they simply follow the track up onto the ceiling of the garage.

A non-segmented garage door is one flat piecethat also follows the track, but it extends slightly out over the driveway during raisingand lowering.

Two different kinds of mechanisms may be usedin the overhead garage door system.

A chain belt (like the chain on a bicycle)is one such mechanism.

The chain drive attaches to the motor thatis mounted on the garage ceiling and draws the door up.

Another version is the screw drive mechanism.

This is a very heavy, very strong screw-likerod that draws up and lowers the door.

Garage doors these days come with a safetydevice.

Infrared motion sensors attach at the baseof the garage door opening.

If something passes in front of these sensorswhile the door is lowering, they will be triggered to reverse the door.

This protects people, pets, and cars fromgetting crushed by the door.

Garage doors and their motors and mechanismsare available for purchase at all major home improvement centers.

You can install them yourself, but it takesa lot of patience and you must be pretty handy.

The easier option is to have them installed.

The home improvement center will be able torecommend contractors if you buy your system there.

You can even set up installation through them.

Another option is to call a company specializingin the sale and installation of overhead garage doors.

This is even easier, as they come to yourhome with a catalog and handle everything from start to finish.

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