Remove the Existing Garage Door

It’s time to remove the old door first thing we need to do is determine what type of Springs you have these are two common types of Springs the top one is a torsion spring the bottom ones are extension springs now if your spring is different than these please consult a professional or contact the manufacturer of that spring when working with any springs be aware that a spring under tension can be very dangerous exercise extreme caution when tensioning or D tensioning the springs. togel online

We recommend contacting a professional installation specialist when working with standard torsion springs if you have a standard torsion spring and would like to proceed on your own start by locking or clamping the door in the down position next insert a one-half inch diameter 18inch solid cold rolled steel winding bar into the winding cone and position it so that the tension of the spring holds the bar firmly against the door for your safety make sure you place yourself to one side of the bar and slowly loosen the set screws still holding onto the one barplace the other winding bar fully into the next hole in the winding cone shift.

The tension into the upper bar and remove the lower bar unwind the spring one quarter turn and place the free bar in the next hole shift attention again to the upper bar remove the lower bar and carefully allow the spring to unwind again one-quarter turn repeat this process until the tension is completely released repeat this procedure if you have a second spring if you have the extension spring set.

You can remove it with the help of your assistance first thing we need to do is raise the door to the full open position next place C clamps or locking pliers tightly on both sides of the track under the door like this so that the door is held securely in place now with the door fully open you will find that much of the spring tension has been removed and you can easily detach the cable at both ends place a wood block under the door so that you won’t crush your hand between the door and the floor remove any clamps you may have used and slowly lower the door be careful as.

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