The Most Beautiful and Original Libraries

Even books, today, have become home furnishing as well as shelves and libraries that receive them and contain.

Not that the book has lost its function bestower of knowledge and entertainment, but with the new digital media such as e-books, together with the space problems that our ever-smaller houses present, the monumental slowly disappear with overflowing shelves of libraries books to go toward structures that are specially designed to contain a limited number of volumes also adapting to confined spaces.

The avid bibliophiles and rooms holders almost entirely reserved for books can continue to enjoy the tidy shelves and a bit strict but modern companies want even more carefree and flexible structures for their design features might make some “shadow” to the books but, together with them, they reach a pleasant and elegant combination.

But why u a site that talks about the DIY we present a gallery of shelves and bookcases? The answer is simple: take a look at this gallery of images and ask yourself how many of these libraries may not be realized by passionate “DIY” with a bit of work and creativity.

It is basically to “copy” the ideas of these designers, more or less famous, and re-scale it to your needs; certainly the result will not always be at the same level, but with a bit of skill will approach a lot. Maybe it will be necessary to replace the original materials with other cheaper and more affordable hobbyist but be assured that you too can enjoy, if you wish, one of these designer items that might otherwise cost you a lot of money in case You would like to buy them.

A meterial that lends itself very well to achieve structures that not only act as libraries, but possibly also by partition walls is certainly the cellular concrete that we talked about in this article.

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